Spanish Vocabulary iPhone App

Navopia is the creator of PlusVocab, the app which teaches you Spanish vocabulary quickly.

Large-Scale Website Navigation Consultancy Services

I design information architecture for large scale websites which will work effectively with responsive web design techniques. This includes

  • Taxonomy (Navigation Structure) Design: what items should be in the navigation structure, what should they be called, and how should they be organised
  • Navigation Layout Prototyping: how to lay out the navigation for a usable and responsive website
  • Information Architecture Audit: quickly find out the top problems with your website navigation usability, findability and responsiveness

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show What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is one which changes according to the size of screen. If you are on a PC or Mac, try adjusting the width of your browser window or viewing this site on a mobile. If you are on a smartphone such as an iPhone, or a tablet such as an iPod, try rotating the device between portrait and landscape, or compare it with a PC or Mac.

The term responsive web design was coined by Ethan Marcotte.

graphic showing different devices